Product Line Card

Air/water-cooled chillers (scroll, screw, mag-bearing, centrifugal), air handlers, packaged rooftop systems, water source heat pumps, unit ventilators, fan coil units.

MCP (Modular Central Plants); factory-built Central Energy Plants; Self-contained cooling & heating plant solutions designed around job’s individual needs.

VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) equipment and ductless mini-split systems. Available in air-cooled, water-cooled, heat recovery, and heat pump systems.

High efficiency condensing boilers with dual fuel capabilities. ModSync custom boiler sequencing systems.

Advanced modular cogeneration systems/Natural gas engine-driven chillers provide a cost-effective alternative to conventional electric chillers.

Commercial rooftop A/C units from 2-50 tons, air-cooled condensing units and indoor air handlers suitable for split system applications

The pioneer in needlepoint bipolar ionization cold plasma technology. Energy and cost savings via OA reduction using ASHRAE Standard.

One of the largest custom AHU & A/C manufacturers; streamlined manufacturing process results in efficient and cost effective units.

High quality PTAC’s, thru-wall air conditioners and heat pumps, WSHPs, and gas-fired heating units ideal for new construction or retrofit.

Low Profile indoor 100% outside air system integrates with VRV/VRF; Fully electric system with energy recovery reduces carbon footprint.

Packaged vertical, under-the-window, and geothermal water source unit ventilators designed for efficiency, noise reduction, and easy installation.

Ultra-high efficient, customizable chillers utilizing sustainable refrigerants. Products include air-source heat pumps, modular air-cooled chillers (15-hp) & water-cooled chillers.

Leader in induction beam technology with sound levels below NC30. Low entering water temperatures (as low as 42°F) allow for sensible AND latent cooling with low installation and operating costs.

Custom modular chillers and condensing units. Ultra-low sound, ducted air-cooled, low ambient heat pump, free-cooling, simultaneous heating & cooling, split configurations.

Displacement chilled beams/induction; provides efficient and direct distribution of fresh outside air to the occupied space resulting in improved IAQ.

Manufacturer of fully modular automated cultivation facilities; Providing continuous and predictable production; Integrate cogen systems for utility cost optimization.

Continuously monitors and reports indoor air quality from a single location, eliminating the need for costly maintenance and calibration.

Fixed plate total enthalpy solution with low maintenance due to no moving parts and AHRI certified at 0.5% EATR.

Manufacturer of robust, state-of-the-art Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) and low voltage AC Drives.