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D&B Building Solutions

SCHOOL PROJECT-Immaculate Heart Academy

Amidst the pandemic crisis, schools were searching for the best solution to create a safer learning environment. D&B supplied GPS Air's needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI) products to inactivate viruses, such as SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) to this prestigious private school in Washington Twp., NJ.

D&B Building Solutions

AIRPORT PROJECT Newark Liberty Airport

D&B Building Solutions installed 2150-ton state-of-the-art centrifugal water chillers manufactured by Daikin. Results include reducing CO2 emissions by 3,600 tons/year, savings of more than $750,000 in yearly energy costs, and significantly reducing annual maintenance costs.

D&B Building Solutions


D&B replaced outdated chillers with new higher-efficiency, magnetic bearing units. The chilled water distribution system was retrofitted to include an air separation unit and a new chilled water pumping system equipped with variable frequency drives generating over $300,000 in cost avoidance savings.

D&B Building Solutions


To avoid expensive crane rentals and street closing permits, D&B was able to provide a unique, modular solution to accommodate the condo's specific requirements: Daikin Skyline AHUs along with Daikin VRV Condensing Units, coupled together using an AHU integration valve kit. 

D&B Building Solutions

SCHOOL PROJECT Phillipsburg High School

D&B’s equipment selection needs to be carefully chosen for an educational facility and the large number of occupants it supports daily. Daikin RPS was selected to provide high efficiency Variable Air Volume refrigeration units with high turndown modulating gas heat and excellent indoor air quality.

D&B Building Solutions


When the Edison Municipal building in Edison, NJ experienced a problem with their existing air-cooled chiller, D&B Building Solutions provided a direct replacement. This was decidedly the best route to get back up and running with no disruption to their imperative court schedules.

D&B Building Solutions

SCHOOL PROJECT Essex County College

D&B replaced two unreliable 760-ton centrifugal electric chillers with a Daikin 760-ton, water-cooled centrifugal electric chiller with heat recovery and two TECOCHILL 400-ton water-cooled, gas engine-driven chillers. In addition to saving on their annual energy bills, ECC now successfully delivers a comfortable environment to their near 12,000 students.

D&B Building Solutions

SCHOOL PROJECT Ramsey High School

With only a short summer break to provide air conditioning in the building, the speed of the installation was crucial. D&B Building Solutions was able to provide the perfect solution utilizing a simplified procurement process. The proposal was submitted mid-June and the new system was up and running on the first week of August.

D&B Building Solutions

SCHOOL PROJECT Memorial Elementary

Existing units at this Little Ferry, NJ school were at the end of their useful life and needed to be replaced on extremely short notice. Daikin floor-mounted classroom unit ventilators were procured using a cooperative contract: a procurement vehicle for public agencies looking to satisfy and expedite the lengthy bidding process.

D&B Building Solutions


D&B Building Solutions supplied energy-efficient Daikin packaged self-contained AC units into multiple floors in the prestigious, 30-floor structure that is 10 Exchange Place, in Jersey City, New Jersey. Dakin Self-Contained Air Conditioning units were chosen for their design flexibility, durable construction, and quiet operation, as well as low installation and operating costs. See below for a video on this project!

D&B Building Solutions


D&B designed and configured units incorporating all the university's sound, performance, and laboratory requirements. These units include exceptionally efficient multiple fan arrays, 4" perforated sound walls, integral and bypass steam coils, energy recovery wheels, energy recovery coils, and double-jacketed humidifiers. The 4"-thick double-seal access doors provided extremely low leakage at high static pressures.


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D&B Building Solutions and D&B Service Group coordinated the largest crane to ever assemble in Midtown Manhattan (and the entire northeast) to install the final cooling tower on a luxury hotel’s rooftop. Through detailed project management over the last four years, we seamlessly navigated this complex turnkey project, replacing the hotel’s entire HVAC system. In addition to the cooling tower, we supplied and installed (208) Daikin Water Source Heat Pumps, several Air Handling Units, and an industry-leading chiller. The innovative solution we designed greatly reduces carbon footprint, improves guest satisfaction, and lowers both energy costs and operating expenses!

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Prior to our name change to D&B Building Solutions, we provided a Daikin modular chiller plant (MCP) for a 210,000 square foot Class A office building whose aged chiller plant was at the end of its useful life. This time-lapse video captures the entirety of the install.


D&B supplied Daikin packaged self-contained AC units to the 30-story multi-tenant commercial office building that is 10 Exchange Place in Jersey City, NJ. The modular design allowed for easy install providing tenant control on a floor-by-floor basis.